Session Topics

Bring your laptop and have the prerequisites done for the workshops!

Make sure your laptop is fully charged and bring your power cord. Install any operating system and program updates beforehand.


Tech Talk: Understanding Darknets: Privacy and Security Tech - Sarah Cortes

Privacy by Design is becoming the law of the land with the advent of GDPR and other laws, regulations, and compliance frameworks. Demand is growing for engineers and coders trained in privacy and security- enhancing design and implementation. We review these privacy and security frameworks briefly, and provide an intro to darknets and related privacy- and security- enhancing technology. Understanding network security and privacy technology is a key skill. We explain darknet vulnerabilities and show how these were exploited in recent criminal cases. Global threat models face our organizations and employers every day. Learn how to take Internet traffic routing and network engineering and security and privacy into consideration in development. Come away with skills and knowledge you can apply to your current projects.


Tech Talk: Open Source Tools, Technologies and Best Practices - Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth K. Joseph is a Developer Advocate at Mesosphere where she focuses on the Apache Mesos and DC/OS communities. Previously, she spent four years as a systems engineer on the OpenStack Infrastructure team and six years on the Ubuntu Community Council. She is the author of Common OpenStack Deployments and The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th and 9th Editions. At home in the San Francisco bay area, she sits on the Board of Directors for Partimus, a non-profit providing Linux-based computers to learning facilities in need.

Tech Talk: Zwave+Camera+LED+Microphone on one board - Gloria W

The Matrix Voice is an interesting, fun piece of hardware to play with. Attaching it to a Raspberry Pi, you can take advantage of it's onboard FPGA, LEDs and microphones, Zwave chip and peripheral camera. The best part of it all is that this board is FCC certified, and comes with interesting sample code. We'll be walking through sample code, and running a small integrated example of its features. After the demo we'll be auctioning away this board, and the lucky winner can take it home and play! Join us for some serious embedded fun. 


Tech Talk: 4 Vital Steps to Open Source Success - Meng Chow

Open source software is gaining serious traction in many industries. The 2017 Open Source 360 Survey conducted by Black Duck Software indicates that the momentum for open source usage continues to increase at a rapid pace. Besides the wide adoption, this illustrates that open source is becoming a strategic part of every company’s software portfolio. As we reap the benefits of open source software and make it an essential part of our development process, what does it take to achieve production-quality, well-supported open source software? What are the best practices around using open source successfully and how do we implement them in the organization? Find out more about selecting the right open source software for product development, including an integrative approach towards open source compliance, quality, and viability. 

Panel Discussions

Career Paths for hard-core engineers


Christine Abernathy (Facebook Developer Advocacy), Pat Richards (VMware Program Management), Gloria W. (Consulting), Ben Pfaff (Principal Engineer - OpenVSwitch), Angie Kim (Product Mgmt - Cloudflare)

Moderated by Rupa

A candid discussion about growth paths that make sense no matter what your age, experience level and goals - and keeping balance in your life, health and relationships.

How to handle a difficult manager - techniques and tools


Mimi Hills (Director of Engineering, Globalization, VMware), Van Boughner (NTT), Gisela Bushey (Executive Director, Loaves & Fishes), Inga Tesler (Staffing Lead, Google)

Moderated by Rupa (this might change once closer to the conference)

This is an oft-touted topic.  We will take the gloves off for this one and delve deep into how to make this work for all of us and how to achieve our goals without ending up in a mental institution.  Bring your questions, suggestions and passion - we HAVE to change the status quo.

The fine art of Negotiating  your PAY - $$$$


Liz Krumbach (Mesosphere), Rupa Dachere, Pat Richards
Moderated by Gloria

A candid discussion on how to get your salary bumped up once you are already working full time.  We all know that yearly raises can be miniscule - how do we get an adjustment that is close to market rate?  When do we decide to bring in external offers or is this not a good idea?


Male Allies:  What it means, How to be a good ally


Christopher Litsinger (Comcast),  Erik Reidel (Dell), Van Bougner (NTT), Andrew Fitch (Cloudflare)
Moderated by Rupa

A discussion on the what a male ally is, how to become one, what are the day-to-day things that can be done to help women engineers and technologists stay in the industry as well as grow, how women could help in this effort, what upper management can set as policies that might be effective.   

Hands-on Workshops

Workshop: Intro. to Blockchain

Ranga Onkaram

Anand Banik

This Workshop helps you understand Blockchain concepts with a focus on permissioned Blockchains. You will learn how to build a block chain application using car buying experience as an example. You will use Hyperledger Fabric for building permissioned block chain, which most of the enterprises are going to use for business. This will help you understand the potential of Blockchain beyond cryptocurrency.

Technologies Used: Hyperledger Fabric 1.0, Node.js, Docker, Electrode (React.js) Platform, Couch DB, Go lang

Workshop: Intro. to Deep Learning

Rachel Thomas

This workshop will cut through the hype around AI to provide clear facts and simple examples, geared towards beginners. You will learn how to use deep learning (a particularly powerful field of AI) to determine whether a picture is of a cat or a dog. We will start by learning the nuts and bolts of how to get the computer to complete the task, using ‘fine-tuning’, perhaps the most important skill for any deep learning practitioner.